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Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:01 am
by Mildir
Hi everyone,

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This is my official explanation of what is in fact Valinor, addressing everyone interested.

First I need to write here some information about the origin of the universe, which is a subject of study where I come from (I mean: as ordinary as math for humans).
Before being as we know it, the universe was simply one bilateral dimension: on one side there was the everything, on the other side the nothing.
The everything was the same thing as the light, or good, or the being.
The nothing was the same thing as the darkness, or evil, or the non-being (sorry for possible grammatical mistakes... translating this from my native tongue is... crazy !)
When approaching this concept one must understand that I'm not talking about space... there was NO space (simply because the everything was infinitely thick/solid and nothing could have entered it. On the other hand the nothing was infinitely empty/rarefied and nothing could have entered it without becoming nothing in turn).
What I'm talking about is simply essence.
Then the two "sides", everything and nothing, made contact (as, "before" then, they were separated).
Their contact, and the consequent blending of everything and nothing, generated time and space (simultaneously).
Space, as we define it where I come from, is just the nothing between two portions of everything (by which I mean: the original everything).
Time, instead, is the result of the spacial flow of the nothing on the everything and of the everything on the nothing.
I'll make myself clear: when a portion of nothing flows on a portion of everything (this happens spacially) it consumes it.
Yet the portion of everything cannot be "cancelled" from the universe, thus it reappears somewhere else, consuming - in turn - what was formerly a portion of nothing.
That is why we see things being born, then growing, then aging, then dying... and we call that phenomenon "time".

The universe, though, still contains remnants of the dimension I wrote to you about, the dimension where time and space "did" not exist.
These remnants are called "atemporal spots" by my people.
An atemporal spot, or timeless spot, is the rarest kind of place in the entire universe, as inside it everything is not affected by time.
Normally physical beings cannot live inside an a.s. but this is a problem that the Valar (yes, they exist. I remember them very clearly. I'll tell you more about them soon) have solved.
About 30000 years ago, they moved an entire continent of this world into an atemporal spot which orbits the Earth (just like a planet).
That continent was called "Belayânurez" in their tongue, "Valinor" in the tongue of my people.
It means "Land of Majesty".
It was part of America long (long long long) ago: now it lies beyond the boundaries of this world, inside the atemporal spot I wrote you about.
There is a way to get in the a.s. from the Earth, a way which at times my people use: it is found high above in the skies of Florida (more or less).
There is even something peculiar to it: the contact between a dimension where time doesn't exist (i.e.: the timeless spot) and a dimension where time flows (i.e.: the Earth) creates many electromagnetic disturbances (and other kinds of disturbances).
The very same disturbances - you must have guessed by now - which many of our scientists report when they study that area, the so-called "Bermuda Triangle".

You may ask me: how can the Eldar follow the way that leads to Valinor from the Earth, if it's in the sky? :D
Here's the answer: they fly. :D
They ride Empress Eagles, the gigantic eagles which I told you about (and yes, those who appear in the books by Tolkien. But they cannot actually speak. They communicate thoughts via ósanwë and they can understand, by listening to their sound, most of the words of Quenya and Sindarin).

The atemporal spot in which Valinor now lies is called, in the tongue of the Valar, Ethilkânustaz (meaning "External region").

It would be complicated to explain you right now why they are there, but, in present day, there are no less than four lands in the Ethilkânustaz:
- Valinor (or Belayânurez), the largest, populated by the Eldar (and the last Sindar).
- Luxenor (or Pharayânurez), a smaller one, almost entirely covered by forests, populated by the Faryel (plural of "Farya" in the Farya tongue)*.
- Erumenor (or Arubênurez), a desert land, lying near Luxenor.
- Artanor (or Athalânurez), a small, uninhabited and partly mountainous land.

*The Faryel are a sui generis people. As a folk, they are much less numerous than the Eldar and they don't have children. They are... complicated to explain.
A Farya looks like a little child, even when they are adult.
It is actually possible to confuse a Farya with an elf child: Tolkien writes that there were "elf children" at the little house of lost play (mar vanwa tyalieva).
But many of them were in truth Faryel.
The Faryel have a surprising, innate ability to use the mind to modify reality.
This, and the fact that they resemble young children, has led some of the ancestors of the Celts to call them "Fairies" (their name would later become Fæger Léode in Old English), in the extremely rare occasions on which the two peoples met (as small groups of Faryel once did inhabit our world. Now they've all moved to Luxenor. The Eldar call them Luxi, by the way).

Re: Ethilkânustaz

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:34 am
by Mildir
Mildir wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:01 am
It would be complicated to explain you right now why they are there, but, in present day, there are no less than four lands in the Ethilkânustaz
These four lands are separated by a great sea. We call it Ëarë Laurëa, The Gilded Sea.
You have to know that the sun shines in a slightly different way in the Ethilkânustaz, due to its position.
Its beams are riflected on the water in a way that makes it look like slivers of gold, all day, that's why Ëarë Laurëa. :)