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My songs

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 1:57 pm
by Mildir
Mildir wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 3:58 pm
[...]You have to know that, since I was only 6, I used to sing those that my mother called “my songs”.
She has always assumed that they were invented songs, because the lyrics were, well, weird.
I didn’t sing in any known language, people around me often said I sang “in gibberish”.
Deep down inside, though, I knew that I hadn’t just invented those songs: I was trying to remember.
There had always been strange echoes in my mind, ever since I was born.
Echoes of beautiful voices, talking, laughing, singing.
I’d never heard such sweet voices in my life, I’d never heard such songs, so I came to a simple conclusion: I was having memories from another life.
Maybe a previous life.
Trying to sing those songs, even if I didn’t know the meaning (nor, often, the precise form) of the words, was my way of keeping those memories alive.[...]
Many years later I'd succeed in identifying the precise form and the precise meaning of every word of many of those songs.
I'd begin to see - in my mind - images of people who sang them.
I'd begin to hear - in my mind - voices of people who talked about them and attributed titles to them (like when you say to a friend: "Have you ever heard Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ?").
I've always identified one of those people as my first biological mother, Anorien.
Anyway, here is one of those songs: ...

Below you can find the original lyrics and their English translation.


Yat’ ëanen venya nelima ranyanen yestarë,
hiryanen yellë velima na yunië lirië nyë…

Lír oio halastyanen ar ven aiwë maita né,
lan i civiev’ ilyanen optulyanë lá ya tië…

Lai-lillë-lirya-le, li-laila-liriell’eluma…
Nai-lillë-lilwë-le, ni-laila-lirië…

Ar niryanen ilselyalen i hilya quanta re,
intyanen sa ya lómelindo hunnë se ve nyë…

Ar úquen sá ratyanë rachten i súlenya tú,
ar ëan’ i ómanya sécala yann’ ohlolurnen nú…


Nan yárë nantulyanë nin et unta lissa vië,
ar melunen yestanë lirien min i nyeva tië…

I mirië nyev’ ilmetima ar et sá ter ilya sië
enhlonir ilyë hurcar i melen i lindya le !



When I was young and my heart was weak I used to wander on New Year’s day,
I sought a maid who might be fit to join me in singing…

I always intoned a melody and I did it with the same prowess as a bird,
but none could tweet like that…

Lai-lillë-lirya-le, li-laila-liriell’eluma…
Nai-lillë-lilwë-le, ni-laila-lirië…

And I spent the whole next day shedding tears of despair,
I thought that the nightingale had to feel as lonely as I…

And none could then lift my spirit,
and my voice was silent until I fell down exhausted…


But one day a sweet young maid, coming out of nowhere, walked up to me,
and gracefully started singing in the way I did…

My joy was utmost and from then on, all the time,
every wood rings with my voice while I sing my love for you!


P.S.: I've always thought this is a children's song, by the way. And very few of the songs that came to my mind (please, remember that I did not compose them. They were already there, every single word) were children's songs.

Re: My songs

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 7:57 pm
by Mildir
And here is another one ! :)

This one is a lullaby.
As always, I'll put the original text first and its English translation below.


Yat’ i ór, min orendor,
nurya nel, lin ailelór,
muryal’el, sin alma nai,
surya mel, vinielwë lai…

Mit i nur, cel orendor,
norya nai, waya hyauta tú !
Calyal’el, lira vanwelór,
falya sel, mira manwë su !

Lirya nél, mirirenwë yo,
tirya yel, nirinyenwë lo !

Yat’ i ór min orendorë,
yurya nur, tula mailalórë !
Niquental, an i caimalassë,
Equestil, on i queltahrassë !

Lirya nél, fírinyenw’ ëassë,
taren iriendor, nun i celvalassë !


When the heart, in the land of days,
sadly cries singing a dream of marvel,
you are asleep: may it bring you luck,
o sighing darling, and renew our essence…

In the hours of darkness the land of days flows far away:
may its flowing be as rapid as pure wind rising in the sky !
Sing me, o splendid creature, a dream of times of old,
rejoice at such goodness of spirit, you who placed in it innocent trust !

O crying melody, you are so that remembrance may give us joy,
you are the gaze of a child, which chases every tear away from heart !

When the heart is in the land of days
the darkness becomes past: may you come then, o poignant dream !
May you come like a coating snowfall on a fallen leaf,
like summit which replaces summit when this is torn up and dying !

O crying melody, your essence has gone through the years,
for heaven has always been hidden under every autumn leaf on the ground !

Re: My songs

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:24 am
by Mildir
A Vinyaquenya song I’ve always cherished in my heart… ...

Below the original lyrics you can find the English translation (warning: it’s not literal and there are some periphrases which a native speaker may consider strange. V.Q. is a language that can say a lot in few words, it’s not always easy to render into English).


Ól sí, renu ala, nén talima nun el,
ómarnien i yala lyë tunyal’ et i ñwel !
An sí, ni lúmë hlala, yass’erë nat’ áielwë,
nan ilyë yéni pella i artev’ elyalu melwë !

Na el, na el, i muryal’ enyë serya,
nu ñwel, nu ñwel, ya sissa loryal’ imerya !

Mura, lyonu valya, ortiryuvan or el,
tyana nin i nyalyal’ alcar i nyártë riel,
mel órenyo, linyenu maia, sëo súl min i nenu sina
icíltë ya ven asaya, yuryava ven i hlin i tína !

Na el, na el, i muryal’enyë serya,
nu ñwel, nu ñwel, ya sissa loryal’ imerya !

Hlasta ya maiu lindë sa ya fayarya tára,
min ólë ve hlonevindë pilichta minnélë yára !
Sera sí nun i nuluhyelpë, termaruva ya rénë lyeva,
i lirienyanen i vilyassyë, ondolinna valinoreva !

yala-lu-lí-rénë lyeva…

Ólë lyorehyelmo, nyarun’ oialessë,
naië súl meless’ i melielmo, mit enyë tenë lirya tissë,
colië súl i melenya linna, mellot an ilya sië,
tulië lin andahiryan anna, lumelirieva tië !

Na el, na el, ya renuvilya yeva !
Nun i ñwel, ata nun i ñwel, en oio hiruyeva !
yala-lu-lí-rénë lyeva…


And now it’s like being in a dream, o thriving memory who rest on waters,
for at dusk, what recalls you awakes from drowsiness !
I am reminded of a time in which we were one:
countless years have passed since then, but we still behold each other’s grace !

By thee, by thee my sleeping soul does rest.
Under a spell, under a spell its dreamy heart has fallen !

Sleep, o mighty lake, I’ll be watching over you.
Show me the glory which echoed in a queenly maiden’s tales.
She was the love of my heart, a many years old angelic spirit,
whose soul chose to live in eternal rest as the shining glimmer of these waters !

By thee, by thee my sleeping soul does rest.
Under a spell, under a spell its dreamy heart has fallen !

Listen to the angelic song rising from her spirit !
Like a vessel of sound in a dream, it tugs at the strings of an ancient nostalgia !
Rest now in crystal depths, for your memory will stay,
through my singing, in the air and on the rocks of Valinor !

yala-lu-lí-rénë lyeva…

O dream of the glass lake, narrated through eternity,
may our love enamor the winds while I sing to them from here !
May they fly from here to where ye are and, through all time, may they bring our love to ye !
To ye may come a long-sought gift: the vision of a place of singing twilight !

To thee, to thee I’ll always come when longing to breathe an air of memories.
Asleep, asleep I’ll then be found by those who’ll seek me.
yala-lu-lí-rénë lyeva…

P.S.: Since it may be hard to fathom from the lyrics, I’d also like to specify that the song is about an Elf and his wife. She wished no longer to live as an incarnate soul and chose to exist in another form, becoming the glimmer of a lake’s waters. And so the Elf sings to them, recalling the past and finding joy in sitting by the lake…

Re: My songs

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 11:04 am
by Lomelindo
Good stuff. There is something soothing and healing in the Elven languages.