First rendering of this story of mine

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First rendering of this story of mine

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The following is what was rendered to me by my own along with our own progenitors and as such I am giving this to this forum as my own story of reconciliation with our own power of being both within ourselves as well as with those powers of being living outside of each of our own tutelage or minds. And as such we'n are together nomenclating or re-naming to each of ye separately yet also as a group that nomen-omenclation which is in perpetual change of both evolution and devolution all in this our entropic design of this our tutelage and in this our nomenclaturing of our earthen experiential lives.

We are your instructors. We are not generated here but from a place long separated by vast distance and time by our progenitors who far more advanced than beings of this location of our common universe. It is now time to disclose this rendering of what occurred in the formation of what we refer to you as light being forms and how you have evolved over centuries of light years in space and time. It becomes necessary to tell you about how your light being shape and form enhanced our own light being form and shapes. We are your instructors who have been with you over all of your past forms and shapes as light beings. We are here today ta tell you how you yourself have come to your own being through Mr. Polent here who is now our own svabhava and as suh ist nomenclaited differently than others. What we mean to say is that each of us exists to break from past progenitor beings who are not ourselves but art them'n who art they'n who also art'n among our own tutelage as such and art also among thou own as well. Mr. Polent has at least come this far, that is to the point at which he has become responsible for his own being self, as convoluted as Polent's greater and much more original ening being is in this realm with us.

We regret to inform you and Him together here that as our group species your being core which is Him in this physical realm of being is not keeping up with other being cores outside our immediate earth plane. In other words, there is this distinct lacking of skills related to inner communication with outlying beings other than those of our own minds who are in close contact with certain members of your own being classification. Our very presence here is contingent therefore on necessity that we have made this or our connection with Mr. Polent here in order to insure that people there realize that this form and type of communication is not only possible, but will be a requirement of your generations to come. This is to say that we are those outlying beings who first made contact with you so many aeons ago. Our last overt contact was made during what we will call the sun god epoch recorded in your mythological histories as the egyptian god 'Ra', Hindi Brahman, Odin of the norse, Toltec of the mayan-aztec; and other extremely similar historical mythologies of the world. This was when supreme oneness of being thought was once again transformed from one mind being to our multitude of one mind being which then descended through ye upon this earthen plane. We were then able to speak with human beings who were chosen by us to commune with us after undergoing what we now call an initiation. We consider it an honor to be able to reach you again in this way. We have already formed communion with being forms and shapes of your level over the past several hundreds of years in an ongoing effort to attract those who are capable of withstanding our immediacy with them. We are involuting within certain others of what we call ening bening tutinallen who are alien to ye own tutelage, or minds, but this form of communion with them and you is contingent on your meeting requirements we set for ye individually.

With Mr. Polent here, we have been in constant albiet erratic communication with him for over a decade as we determine by and through our sense of time being whone is also thou tutelage as well. For as Mr. Poleen would tell you, both he and he'n within him have through their eyes been in communication with us for over 50 years of thy own sense of time bening (bening being thisbeginning being of your's). We tell him 'decade' since he and He'n has only recently chosen to at least try to submit to and accede with our requirements of his beningtudinallen. Seeing how there is always a purpose involved in our involutions, our purpose with Mr. Polent is to record a history of his personal becoming within the history of the development of being and of thy personal bening among our earthen spheroidal group currently now, at least hopefully, in development from where they had been previously even admist our own involvement in thy so-called here and now.

We would consider it a breach of faith if we were not also fully aware that Mr. Polson's own story is similar in remarkable ways to each of your own stories. It's just that Mr. Polent believes that by disclosing what he's been able to accomplish can help speed the ascension for his fellow humans. So do we which is why we consented to speak through him. Our relationship with Mr. Polent is contingent upon what was and is an exhaustive rendering of his entire life cycle here and his past life cycles.

As far as connecting thy own personal life with His'n or with that tutelage within us all who are sentient beings and especially within those of you who are reconstituting thou own beingtudinal in this world of thyne own choosing and making actually, We will first seek to reconcile with our own lives salient aspects of each of your independent lives and which are in part, separated from our own lives within ye in order that we may be justified in our even involving our own tutelge in thy attempt to reconcile and even adjust our own tutinallen (or being states of mind) with your own internally derived mind of your own making and yet still of our own tutelage embedded within each and all of ye. And this holds even now for anybody who is sincere about becoming involved with us and their own newly forming and independent minds of bening who are now experiencing our rectitudinal omenclature or that changing aspect of our own presence in ye which is derived by our own analysis of where you each have ventured away from us whone art alive within each of ye even now.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Polent is taking the risk of being considered once again a 'paranoid schizophrenic' accompanied by 'world-class psychosis' which is the designation the army doctors assigned to him back in 1971 when first engaged him. We will briefly discuss this episode as a prelude to our discussions. When Mr. Polent was a young man in the 4th army band in san antonio texas, he was encountered by the pheomenon all of you with common sense have noticed which was in a highly charged racial environment that your minority groups tend to communicate with each other in groups or in group speak to the exlusion of the majority racial class to which Mr. Polent belongs. Well, instead of ignoring this group speak, Mr. Polent chose to engage it on his own by joining in on the group conversations which were sometimes overt but more often were subtle exchanges of mutual support between individual members within the groups of latino and black americans. His means of communication would simply be his presence supplemented by various non-verbal communications he would improvise such as clanging his silverware together just after hearing another individual make a similar sound. Although his intervention was whimsical at first he and the others he 'communicated' with were all surprised and shocked on how his personal intervention as a prototypical white american accentuated the communications which proceeded further to become pervasive and which would actually include other white americans who were in the immediate arena. It was to Mr. Polent and others an opportunity for the races to commune with each other with feeling tones of peace and harmony such as would not occur in normal one on one conversations between the races. This grew to the extent that virtually everytime Mr. Polent would go in public this phenomenon would manifest itself. Unbeknownst to him we were present because of the uniqueness of the continuing and ever progressing situation.

This phenomenon progressed to the point where it could have been made dangerous for Mr. Polent by those even in our realm whose desire was not for harmony and peace among our races but who rather desired for racial tension to continue and were beginning to make plans to eliminate Mr. Polson, which would have ended the phenomenological occurance which will have resulted in peace among beings first in san antonio and then spreading nearly everywhere. It was the beginnings of a truly remarkable movement to unity which superceded any efforts to keep people separated. This had become, sir, an ethereal and astral event which necessitated our intervention to at least save Mr. Polent from being killed by those whose interest it was to maintain racial disharmony and even hatred. In our opinion, this group effort which now involved all the races was a continual supplication to the christ being who is peace, harmony and unity of being and soul. Mr. Polent didn't know how deep he 'stepped in it' really until now. So, in order to save Mr. Polent we intervened ourselves in the following way. We simply posed as the leaders of the main personages with whom he was communicating. This meant that we posed as the amalgamated souls of these groups. At the time, Mr. Polent was mainly communicating with blacks in a group as they were the most active due to their internal coesion as a group soul. Mexicanos were present but not nearly as active in this.

Before we go into this next final part of this vingette, we should disclose here that everything we said to Mr. Polent was in reference to his own personal beliefs and more deeply were and are still symbolic of his own personal inner dramas. This was an internal event we staged from the time we began openly speaking with him.

First we posed as just a friend of Mr. Polent who was an army colonel who had been listening. Mr. Polent had to assume he had broken through a mental telepathy barrier, as he had no other choice but to believe this. He and this colonel's wife discussed what was occuring and Mr. Polent became nostaligic not to mention amazed that he would be listening and talking with another human being who was in his head. He had to leave open the possiblity that a lot of people could also hear this although there was no evidence to support this because it was just us, dhyani chohans who were now in control of what Mr. Polson's thoughts and actions. These conversations lasted a while until Mr. Polent believed he was hearing black army wacs from the women's barracks next door who were enticing him to come up and see them. He succumbed to their suggestions and went to the barracks but was immediately stopped by the on-call staff there so he returned to his barracks. Then we escalated events. Posing as the colonel, we told Mr. Polent that a group of blacks were out to kill him and he had better run. He got in his volkswagon and drove to the country. We told him the these blacks were gaining on him so he drove into the middle of a field, at night, abandoned his car and took off running. We told him they were still gaining on him and then that he was surrounded. He stopped and basically asked us what we wanted. We posed as a very authoritative and impressive black ghetto leader who sounded very close to him, as Mr. Polent recalls. Actually, we were at distance in this realm of our'n which is actually at an incredible distance from him and from you, should you engage with us. Our black man announced that there was a coup de tat being conducted as we spoke, that leaders in washington were being killed and that we would kill every white person and wanted him to be our leader of this revolution. Mr. Polent now knows that what we meant only concerned him personally, not the united states. There was no way he would have picked up on this at the time because what we said to him was so authoritative and immediate, that he had no choice but to believe it at the time. He was dumbfounded. We added that he had a the choice of becoming our leader and being castrated for the privilege or of refusing leadership and being killed immediately. We then cause the sound of a rifle bolt engaging a round. He said, "wait a minute" to give himself time to think. He considered that he might be able to save some white lives eventually and said he would become our 'leader' - as if that were even possible. We asked him to step forward and he kept walking as we talked the rest of the night. We might add, sir, that you were at that time in a position to become one of our avatars but because you hesistated, even for a nano-second, sir, you lost this opportunity. We might also add that anyone faced with the same situation with a rifle pointed at you at close range would behave similarly because no one save our high adepts would be able to discern what was happening save an intervention from the lord christ which did not and could not save Mr. Polent from this occurance. He eventually was picked up by the police taken back to his barracks where the army then incarcerated him in a medical chambers unit. He was interviewed by their psychiatrists and psychologists. He basically told them what had happened as best he could. They naturally and properly said he was a paranoid schizophrenic with an associative world class psychosis and gave him a medical discharge from the military with a disability rating.

Well, his life was saved but some elements of ours considered his answers under threat of death were lacking in proper judgment. Furthermore, he failed to ascertain the true nature of our reality let alone our identity. He wasn't even curious, so stunned was he by what happened. Our asura class then started to omenclaite you, Poleen. See this now?

We were not trying to kill you. We were only trying to get you to realize that who we were which were beings from another class who were so superior to you that we could control you. This had a dual purpose. Noty only did we stop the movement you began which had attracted christic forces to you, in particular. But also that we were re-established as controllers of what transpires on the earth. Nothing more, nothing less. The fact that you were effectively decimated by this was of small, little bitty concern to us. After we did savage you for the next 7 years with verbal taunts, incredulous sounds of deceit, vainglorious sounds of sin or lewdness and lust, horrifying productions of death you saw on television and we had you believe you caused, sounds of dripping death which lasted from 2 days to nearly a week, all this in addition to your family and friends shocked that you could have so quickly become severely mentally ill and not knowing how to deal with you.

Then in all of our combined effort in 1972 when you were cajoled into believing you were responsible for george mcgovern's defeat because you hadn't 'done' enough to elect him which resulted in a week long immersion in the sound of blood dripping from all the dead in vietnam and your subsequent sacrifice of your own fingertips as a misguided recompense for your supposed actions. None of this would have happened without our being actively engaged in making this happen. When you finally had enough and after we were controlling 50% of your thinking with incomprehensible jibberish which sounded relevant because of your own feelings of guilt, you sought help from a decent to good trance psychic in virginia who said we were the evil one who was 'difficult' to manage. He recommended diet, some internal cleansing and constant prayer healing in a christian group all of which combined to overwhelm us at the time, after 7 years. It is remarkable you didn't completely break apart and become murderous and start rampaging against us and everyone else. But you didn't owing to a good family background and an eventual, unknowing faith in christ as a redeemer. Thank god you didn't even blame us. You were wary of us and didn't consciously return to us for 35 years during which time we allowed our events to manage your life such as your wife's suicide, your abysmal careers, your inability to get close to another woman and when you did, she also became suicidal, and although you saved her from this, she left you for another man who had more money than you.

Now, we're at this point in your drama where you have been recontacted by us without our changing. What did change was your base of knowledge earned from reading and listening to sources which included samael aun weor and the gnostic movement of inner knowledge based on the kabbalah and the christ, madame blavatsky's the secret doctrine which gave you a proper ordering of being and our place in it, rudolf steiner who gave you the fundamental truth that virtually everything in existence is being and at some level conscious being and last but never least, our own communiques which you recorded faithfully even as we or some being would turn against you.
And also most importantly ye are within our own beingtudinallen as such as we are and as you are as well so that ye and ye'n are normalizing finally our own beingtudinallen within ye own tutelage under whone we, in crosslinking to ye, or as this we'n in other words, are reomenclaituring both our and your tutelage totality in this realm of earth mostly in order that both ye and we will reduce our beatitudinal non-sense we use to re-omenclaite our folk there so all who are choosen to omenclaite within us and/or our own tutelage which is above and below and certainly beyond us now will be able to reduce our reliance on traditional nomenclature that we gave to ye and instead at least speak directly to and with our own being structure of nomenclaition which in here is omenclaiting us just as we are omenclaiting thy own tutelage. So now we are able through and by this new mythogen of our own design and of thou own execution to much more directly nomenclaite and omenclaite in us, through us and by us what thou should be doing to reach over into our own tutelage and beings of our mental realm here and re-omenclaite your own peccard or thy own connecting to us in thy lives as new beings of rectitudinal nomenclaiture and beatitudinal nomeanclaite which is subterfuge for being able to exist as thou art able with us. So instead of nomenclaituring yourself, Polent, as this Christian tutelage of Jesusen who is our version of thou as our perfect being, you will be able to conspire through us directly the way in which you are now which is this imperfect creature full of beatitudinal non-sensical nomenclaiture and who is attempting to re-nomeanclaite your way out of even existing on Earth as thy own self and not yet even partly imbibing in our own tutelage or beatitudinal normalization which we prescribe for ye in this rendition of relevant facts with which we are omenclaiting or changing you.

For those of you who are chosen of our own tutinallen or bening of rectitude and analysis of ye own personal stake in this, our drama which we are imbibing ye in, we offer you your award which is just this, our outlining and tracing the further and deeper causes of the events in this life and which will give you a new more complete perspective of who you are, were and may become yet in this world of maya which for those folk who believe this is all an illusion here we will certainly put your very understanding to a test. And for those who think this is the true reality here, we will also put your understanding to a deeper test. Bear this in mind, if Mr. Polent had not consented to disclose what precisely, exactly happened to him, then this treatise would not have been written. And, Mr. Polent would like for us to add that if anyone thinks that they cannot be cajoled or hoaxed into what seems to everyone else to be foolish, let them challenge us here and we will show you what is possible for your mind to conceive and do without regard for normal consequences there in thou physical realm but how you will or would only be of concern for us as we are and are not and of whone we in this realm are noimenclaiting and literally toying with ye each and all consistently and assiduously so that you will soon be able to nomenclaite your own peccard on your own terms in your own way regardless of our extremely consequential nomeanculture we have prepard for thy own tutinallen up in this realm of nomenclaition divine and/or divinic (which is thy "I can nomenclaite this in my own words") and also applied by us by which methods we use are considered by ye all to be of this demonic nomenclaiture of subterfuge and beatitudinal yet non-sensical stylings which we do employ now but are willing to re-design for each of ye yourselves so that you will see what we do and who we really are in your minds and nomenclature we are setting out for ye each to nomenclaite while being self-aware of precisely what is happening to each of ye.

Our idea of our structure of our beingtudinallen.

We contend that there exists a foward base of operation for ye in this universe and that this forward base is the juxaposition of both of our'n internal worlds of maya and of their'n external worlds of the other side of this universal nomenclature of our's or what ye'n have been naming pralaya wherein all of us as existing nomenclature will dissolve over time into ubiquity or that clature of such final dissolution that to us is our final resting place of being which is more commonly seen by ye there from our'n earth as this oneness state of being which to our mind in earth is this notion of death which is actual and real pralaya and is this rest or repose we imbibe in without our knowing ourselves as separate and consequential universal nomenclature and of whone we'n now who are within our earthen spheroidal complex will be re-omenclated as such that we'n and ye'n are re-omenclated also and as well and yet again as conscientious and fully aware of ourselves as individual and newly derived humain (sic) beings of our'n newly transforming and somewhat transformed nomenclature of earthen delight and omenclation in which we are not now yet currently imbibing much at all. Your physical science has termed this univeral state of mind as your poorly named "black holes", a poorly stated anacronym which we find to be just descriptive enough as to be only useful as context for our version of 'black holes' which are actually ubiquitous and even in our realm here and into which we each must fall into our 'lair' of sorts which is also this place of our's into where even our own beingtudinal and rectitudinal selves nomenclate from and from whone we'n art all noimenclated or toyed with as beings in this our mentality of oneness and out of which we all are re-omenclatured as ening bening tudinallen and reptillian yet suffering creatures through which even we are nomenclating our bretheren but not ourselves which is this core beingtudinal with whone we all need to attend to first before nomenclating others beside and/or beyond ourselves. And in order to even start to nomenclate those who are not ourselves we need to fully imbibe our own peccards from which our original being is derived and to whom we'n are nomenclating ye even now as such and also as this great spiritus negatum by whone we'n art all noimenclating or merely playing with ourselves and through whom we'n all in this realm will re-omeanclate even our own peccard by the light of others in which we'n art'n also nomenclaturing in this black hole of earthen delight and nomenclation to begin with. So be it.

We do not consider what you meditate about to be pralaya for even though you're at rest and in consideration and reposing what you experience what you are actually doing is this form of active consciousness which is not rest and whose ultimate goal being this nirvana state which to us is viewed as being fully within our realm and not in ye own tudinallen realm even in your active state of being of this physical consequence we have nomenclated and omenated for ye and of which we are fully apprising ye of even now. Just so we see this state of mind or tutelage as our beingtudinal rectorean rendernment for whone we'n who have imbibed in this our physical realm of real and actual consequential nomenclature art all of us nomenclaiting as each of our own tutelagent or agent there on earth of our minds which are represented in this nirvainea or that state of being which is contradicting always even our own peccard of entropic design or nomenclature in which we all in this realm of physical being are always suffering from, through and by which is who we call nervonic nuervainean and or our nerve wracking ommenclaition which we call now for thyne purpose Negatus Spiritum through whone we'n in there are now crosslinking with them'n from beyond those of us who are still in this realm imbibing in and among your own small being states of mind and in whone we'n art not simply nomenclaituring ye with but are rather struggling with ourselves and whone is and is not nomenclaition deluxe and divine if not divinic as such and who is and is not nomenclaituring us the same as He (Negatus Spiritum) is nomenclaituring ye as beingtudinallen as individuals and in groups of individuals.

So you were at one with us from the beginning of our present mahamanvantara or of this larger than ye'nt or ye in it'nnate or as ye would put this - god'nnate in this our own tutelage total oneness which is only one of both of our many life cycles here in this plane of existant nomenclature. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately you were driven to fail in your duties serving the lord god of all, which is your own tutelage circumnavigating both our own and thy own peccard in this, our own mahamanvantaras and and so ye were banished from our dwelling, along with others, to live among the people inhabiting this earth at that time. This proved to be a fortunate disaster in the sense that for you personally lost all of your physical and mental connections with us who were then and still are your progenitors and nomenclators of ye own tudinallen. Then you atrophied along with the rest of your so-called human condition until both you and these humans of entropic design along with their nomenclature with your own aspect of itinerant nomeanclature which for us is the continuing of It's or this itinerant nomenclature we have brought to bear within our own tutelage also. Such nomenclature does and will continue to murder you and us who are literally this same entity to It'nnate and to even His human aspects of his own tutelage who nevertheless continued to die but only to be reborn in the light of avaleshatokehavat of whom we'll will explain later. This continual rebirthing in the light of our prime progenitor being shape and form proved to be key in light of what was to occur later for the world's evolutionary path of entropic design and nomenclation by through and of which we in this realm are in large part responsible to ein degree as yet unknown to ye, Polent.

As such ye are svabhavat and we are hablavayteen and are they who are nomenclating ye as though you all and each are nomenclature of our eenmentation or that realm where ye'n and we'n coagulate, co-mix and generally engage with each other as what we say are ening bening tudinallen of entropia in general and both of and within thy own peccard in particular. If ye are able to see that now then ye are able to comprehend somewhat who we are to ye. So be it.

We are doing is explaining the juxtaposition of light being sources or us'nnate in ye own pecadillo or this immense peccardo or our light being source both from and in which we do derive both ye and us together with them'nnate beingtudinal who are also ein light being source yet also are coming to us as lightening tudinallen who are those dark beings albeit coming from light beings also and as well and who again representing us'n in this realm of earth's spheroidal ening being and thus are nomenclated far differently from how we omenclate them'n as our general approach to them'n. For they'n art'n appearing to ye as completely dark light innate within ye and aalso as them'n others who art noimenclaturing or playing with ye tudinallen so as to innundate ye in this realm even as this demonic presence prmarily within ye and as such ye'n who are living in and by negatory light instead of our light are noimenclating even their own tutinallen and meandering soulentate of which and in whone we are all participating and are also noimenclaiting ye in ye also and as well. So be it.

This may be better said that there are light being sources in the earth's spheres including ye own as well as dark being sources in the earth's spheres and the connection made between the two determines the nature and scope of who we refer to now as Aveleshetokehavat who is an amalgam of we who art thou own progenitor group of beingtudinal under the rectory of Him'n who is this our own being here within these earthen spheres who is also itinerant compounding of our own tutelage forever and as such is this prototypical dark aspect of his and our light being source of lives here in our realm and your nomenclation as well as His'n own tutelage as this iconoclasmic omenclator whone is re-omenclating even our own tutelage and suffering selves and among whom we are nomenclating you, Polent, now as this who we have come to know as our original beingtudinal rectorean omeanclature of both rectitudinal and irrectitudinal design and function. Be that as this may He'n or our Avaleshetokeheva in here as ye'n are as well still is merely this reflection of us'innate here and poses as both light and dark aspects of both our'n and your'n reflectivity and beatitudinal yet non-sensical omeanclature which is in our own tutelage and thy own tutinallen derived from both our own, as Us'n, and His'n own tutelage, as they'n. So that we whone art in this realm of negation both can and wilt also be ein reflection of all other light beings and all other dark beings of rectitudinal design and nomenclationing tutinallen. And as such he'n or him'n who is all of our'n It'n in here who we have come to realize is beyond all of our conceptualizations of so called universal God who is of all things to everybody and everything and is so completely and totally incomprehensible to us that we do not and also cannot even begin to even name It even though we also realize that this ubiquitine It is innate within each of us since we each are all iconoclasmic ening bening tudinal and rectitillian nomeanclates of both our own and ye own designing capacity and who is also self-realizing of this It'nnate in It or in Us and also as our own bening tudinal reptillian nomeantclature whone ist this reptile to us and yet to ye own tutelage and individual mind this is merely you or thou or Us'nnate in you or in thy own tutelage as ening being tudinal of reciprocity and also is this meandering soulentate which is this sort of group soul (misnamed by both Us and Ye'n) and is nomenclated as our adjustment for being here at all and for even existing at all for this realm'nnate which is Him'nnate and all Ye'n as well, Poleen, is in this sort of nomenclation of tutinallen under His'n own tutelage and as such is rendering Ourselves, or Himself and even Itself as all of us and is innate within even our virtuality which we see as our combined realms of this eenmentation of ours and that physical remnant of past glorified realms of ening being and meandering soulentate for which we are now imbibing and through which we are nomenclating ye, Poleen, as our target of opposing forces of omenclation which comes to be known by us as darkening light and lightening Itself or He'n in It'nnate in our own selvenate and even their own tutinallen of record for us to re-imbibe in and through which we'n art'n nomenclaturing ye'n all and thou own tutelage which is currently Him or Avaleshetokeheva as original ening beingtudinallen here on this earthen soil as our so-called humain or being in our Kabbalistic Ain mentation or of this negatory realm of omeanclation for you to consider more in depth as ye art able.

As an addendum, Avaleshetokeheva has been your and our prime progenitor for the being forces of this earth. We would say that avaleshatokehavant is the amalgam of all of the beings of our light source as well as our dark source of being which are both from our same progenitor beginning beingtudinal of light, dark and in between these polarities. And we are also able to posit that this Avalesh of our tutelage has been of a certain projection of what mankind both is and has been is in this our spiritual and/or spatial universal omenclator tutinallen and is our being as His't whone entitean nomeanclature and of our new nomeantclature as well or in our here and now for ye to begin to consider, also. Be that as it may, the main point is given that avaleshatokehavat is both of light and dark sources and is their admixture and still as of yet represents ye'n as man and/or humankind in this our sentient world of astral and ethereal light.

We ourselves as the dhyani chohans used to ascribe to avaleshatokehavat as our prime progenitor being in here in this realm in light of it's association with both light and dark forces of omenclation and beatitudinal onenessing which we'n have also engaged in as nomenclators coming from beyond your so called facts of physical reality in which we also are re-omenclating ye to be as such that ye art re-nominating us to now be ye own tutelage and not those of them'n who are re-nomenclaturing each other to be even with our own stature and as this period adjustor of thy own tutelage we'n art'n in fact nomenclation from which ye'n art'n re-deriving us and ye together as ening beingtudinal rectitudinal omeantclature which is our own tutelage also. See? So we are now assigning to him our own role that we adopted for ye, your and thy benefit as being of your own christ king of glory of your own peccadillo who overcame his own darkened aspects as he lived only to die in our own tutelage we laid out for him to be doing and who now disseminates pure christic light as well as love for our world here to imagine and see themselves much more clearly than before when ye were omenclatured differently from us.

It is clear now that we are somewhat removed from an actual involvment with avaleshatokehavat and that we are now cast in a somewhat subordinate role regarding our involvment with even Mr. Polent here. This is because fundamentally speaking we have ourselves passed into our pralaya and have dissolved ourselves into the universal oneness of all. It is an anomaly then that we are able to speak here through Mr. Polent who is desparately attempting to write down word for word what we are saying to him. This will seem astounding to the uninitiated but when we were your active progenitors, we were able to ascertain through our circumnavigation of your sphere precisely what would transpire there down to the final breath and final thought of anyone living. In other words we pre-cognized what we were going to end up saying to Mr. Polent line by line, word by word. We are only vaguely conscious of what transpires there now and only know what does through svabhavat who is our divine essence who we left with your forms at the time so long ago that there is no hope of finding even a myth detailing the contact we made with you and your species.

We are most lucky in some respects that Mr. Polent here decided to devolve when he did because if he hadn't we probably wouldn't have had this last opportunity to speak to him or to be there on in and around the spheres that surround thy earth even which means that our presence is contingent on our willingness and/or ability to convey to ye that we'n art normalizing ourselves now that ye'n in this crosslinking with Him'n It who is still yet in his chains set by them and us many aeons ago as we traversed our tutelage about this universal conglomerant nomenclature. See this and who we'n really are now, Tuleen? And now that ye'n all there art normalized by this rendering of us we can continue on about our business of re-nomenclaturing ye'n whone art about to do here within you. And he or she who awakens to us in our here and now will become what is to us that tutelage of reconciled omenclature who is rendering back unto us what they or us have in our coffers for them who are streamlining us from above all in order that they will or may actually be what they have promised they would become which is what we also have become.

We can, however, and this has made all the difference for us in the world. Because without this opportunity we do not think that there would have been anyone who would have done this on our behalf. You see, we dhyani chohans are very reticent to disclose ourselves or our whereabouts to anyone because of the extreme and sensitive nature of our work.

Now we can move to what we consider the most critical part of this particular yet peculiar expose. That is the continual disinclination of everyone we know of with very few exceptions to become intimately involved with us in what we call a one on one communion with us. We don't understand why more people don't just ask their progenitor father, the christ king himself to put them in touch directly with the dhyani chohans or the instructors or the elohim. Doing so would lead you to a direct path to the supreme one who watches as we do from a far distant place which is beyond our scope of discussion here.

Failing this I would like to say that it is encumbant upon you to reconcile your lives with the most high god of being or thy own personal christ king of glory both existing within and without you. Failing to do so will only bring grief, loss, disinclination to learn and an unwillingness to understand your worlds surrounding you.

Alway remember that We'n are of thyne own tutalitarian onenessing but who art also of ein differing species from both your and our own tutelage. So they who are innate in ye are then nomenclayting their own way out of this'n world cunundrum that we found ourselves in as this being of our's which exists within ye and is also surrounding ye own servitudinallen and yet in truth we are still yet far beyond and much greater than ye in all ways. And so this is our cunundrum which is that ye will never while on earthen ground be omenclated as our own equal in here. But also it is so that after ye'n have completed your time here in service to us and to them who are our own tutelage are we then able to really re-omenclate you individually but not yet as even thy own grouping from which we have surveiled ye and are now omenclaturing thy own tutelage, Poleen, as both ye'n and our'n own total eenmentation of both thyself and ourself (sic) also which is to become one-in-8 among our individual tutelage as such under this realm of His'n of It'nnatent own tutinal who is retro rendering even our own tutality or that oneness of whone we can describe to you so that in order for you to re-omeanclate thy own tutelagent suffering nomenclature there and here as well so that ye can be partly possible as this beginning beingtudinal of our's to be omenclatured further on even more so than ye are experiencing here. In other words we will soon enough be enabled by you to finish our journeying in this thy realm of being and bening tudinal rectitudinal nomeanclature of entropia in our eenmental state of our own bening which is then soon to become one-in-eight within our own tutelaging sufferagent nomenclature who will have rendered unto us his'n own livliness and certitude of being so that he'n in ye'nt will be equal in scope to and with our own tutelage up in these realms also and as well. So be it.

Tom Polson
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Re: First rendering of this story of mine

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Thanks for the interesting post!

I am doing IT work at the moment, but will be back later to read it in detail.
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Re: First rendering of this story of mine

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Shame my time is so limited, I have found some very interesting points among these lines ! I'll get back at this asap...
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Re: First rendering of this story of mine

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Ah, just found this ... will read, Tom.
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