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A Vision

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion
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A Vision

Post by Hostawen »

This is a dream I had last night. It's not a poetic masterpiece but it conveys what I wanted it to.

I closed my eyes
To rest and sleep
Yet into the darkness
A vision did leap

I found myself
Amidst a wood
And a familiar people
Around me stood

Dressed in hues of
Moon and earth
They bid me welcome
With sorrow and mirth

A man approached then
And took my hand
He led me through
That proverbial land

Where dappled leaves
And elanor
Lightly adorned
The forest floor

Stairs were winding
About the trees
Golden mallorn
Afar was seen

All-around the
Grove shone blue
And lights blazed
Amidst the hue

We stopped near
A statuette by
He kissed my hand
And whispered goodbye

My eyes glanced upwards
Filling with fear
This land was strange
And yet somehow dear

I climbed the stairs
High as the sun
Where earth and air
Dwell as one

Until I arrived
Atop the height
And there I beheld
A wondrous sight

An ethereal being
Of golden-white
Which shone like
Jewels within sunlight

Her startling eyes
Of azure-grey
Spoke before her
Lips could say

And to my knees
I fell in bow
Unsteady beneath
Her gazing power

She placed her hand
Upon my cheek
And so calm and majestic
With her mind did speak

She sensed the sadness
Within my soul
The aching heartache
From down below

And from mine eyes
The tears did fall
Drained and tired
So sick of all

With a kiss she laid
Upon my brow
A tender display
Of her healing power

She told me long ago
To her woods I came
Though at that time
I knew not its name

And she has been
Watching o’er me
All the times since
And would always be

From the distance
Voices glistened
A chorus lifting
I turned to listen

On the wind
A song was heard
Sad lamenting
A breeze of word

Singing soon
She’d leave the trees
And take her place
Across the Seas

And there would
Dwell forevermore
Along white shores
Of great Valinor

Yet from me
She’d never part
But live on forever
Within my heart

For a moment
Our sorrow together
I began to feel strange
And light as a feather

I opened my eyes
And all was gone
I would stay nevermore
In golden Lórien
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Re: A Vision

Post by Eadhastar »

Awww Chrissy ... this poem-story must have been quite a 'dream'. I think there is a deep centre of peace and hope in it though ... as well as longing shot through it clearly.
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