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Dark Verses Of An Avarian Elf

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion
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Dark Verses Of An Avarian Elf

Post by Ellenar »

A shadow of a man,
once defiled by grief and degradation,
unravels in submission,
to capracious winds,
which shall blow his members,
cross countless leagues,
to be lost amid the dust of distant lands,
to be trodden by foreign feet.

Hear his lament,
a piercing keening,
causing even the heart to bleed,
for eyes that flow like salted rivers,
encumbered by the bulk,
of a tattered whicker basket,
stumbling neath the weight of lost hopes,
unfulfilled dreams,
a taste of life unrealized.

Sung by a Dark Elf, whom was called Morion by the Exiled Noldor

"The time of Moonsheen has passed. The noontide of the dominion of Men is waning. Soon will come the era of Starshine. And the ages will partake of both; the grace of Moonsheen and the glory of the Days of the Sun" -Mormeril
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