The Immortals

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion.
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The Immortals

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This is another poem written by Fiona Macleod, and can also be found within The Silence of Amor.  I post it here mainly because it expresses a dualistic nature between dreams and death.  A dualism which is also found within Legendarium cosmology. 
I saw the Weaver of Dreams, an immortal
shape of star-eyed Silence; and the Weaver of
Death, a lovely Dusk with a heart of hidden
flame:  and each wove with the shuttles of
Beauty and Wonder and Mystery.

I knew not which was the more fair:  for
Death seemed to me as Love, and in the eyes
of Dream I saw joy.  Oh, come, come to me,
Weaver of Dreams!  Come, come unto me, O
Lovely Dusk, thou that hast the heart of hidden
"The time of Moonsheen has passed. The noontide of the dominion of Men is waning. Soon will come the era of Starshine. And the ages will partake of both; the grace of Moonsheen and the glory of the Days of the Sun" -Mormeril
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