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The Song Of Homecoming

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion
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The Song Of Homecoming

Post by Ellenar »

(I dedicate this to all those who seek.  Though the journey is long, the destination is well worth the effort. -Elennar Valandur)

A westerly breeze fans a tear-stained face,
unlined by the cares and weight of centuries

A heart wielding unfathomable depths of joy and sorrow,
races with each step of hallowed feet

A voice of piercing, awe-inspiring beauty uplifted,
at the casting away of familar longing and bittersweet griefs

From tree shrouded lands, under the stars
To heed the call, I have traveled far
Through blinding shadow and concealing mists
To reach the light  in the Land Of Bliss
"The time of Moonsheen has passed. The noontide of the dominion of Men is waning. Soon will come the era of Starshine. And the ages will partake of both; the grace of Moonsheen and the glory of the Days of the Sun" -Mormeril
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