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About Ilsaluntë Valion

Who we are, and membership info
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About Ilsaluntë Valion

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Please read this if you are interested in joining this forum

What is Ilsaluntë Valion?
Ilsaluntë Valion (the Silver Ship of the Valar) was created in 2008 as a group dedicated to gnostic exploration of the imaginative realm that J.R.R. Tolkien has called Faerie.
In recent years we have expanded the scope to include Gnosis in the general sense of the word: see the Wikipedia article for a brief summary, or visit if you want to read more.

So, you're welcome here if you want to discuss Gnosis and Gnosticism ancient or modern, but keep in mind that our main goal remains to actively pursue gnosis.
It's the same sort of difference as exists between philosophy as an academic subject vs. doing / creating / writing philosophy; or studying art history vs. writing or painting yourself.

What do we do?
Next to discussing, achieving gnosis is done in as many different ways as there are individuals.
But broadly speaking, most of that comes down to using "active imagination" meditation techniques, rituals, imaginative creativity, or (for the very responsible and experienced only) entheogens.
Whatever that results in is oftentimes discussed among one another, but that is of course entirely up to the person. Because of their personal nature, these discussions usually take place in a separate section of the board accessible to those involved. We will always respect anyone's need for privacy.

In short:
As mentioned above, we are all different in our approach. In that sense we are not a group. We welcome anyone who is genuinely interested in gnosis. Also if you only want to discuss it.
We might be able to help others who want to pursue gnosis, but no guarantee whatsoever is given.
Keep in mind that this is all about "sharing our experiences". Don't expect any gurus here.
And above all, we will only do so if we feel comfortable with it, if only because Tolkien didn't refer to the imaginal realm as the Perilous Realm for nothing; on the path that leads to gnosis are pitfalls for the unwary and dungeons for the overbold.

There are other works generally considered as fiction that can offer an imaginative framework similar to Tolkien's. The most well-known these days are Philip K. Dick and the Matrix movies, and Stephan Hoeller also mentions Alice in Wonderland in this respect. You are most welcome to introduce us to anything you feel is worthwhile considering.

Having said that, we do try to stay clear of the current trend of confounding conspiracy theories with gnosis, such as advocated by Gnostic Warrior . Without denying that evil is, we feel that there is little point in endlessly regurgitating grimdark dystopias (with or without aliens, reptiles or whatever), especially if no alternative is given.

Still interested?
If you sign up for our forum, there's a field labelled Justification. This is a CAPTCHA feature to catch spam bots, but if someone were to fill in "to troll around a bit" we might be tempted to not activate that account ;) - you can consider it as a kind of check for yourself.

Please allow for a few days, because we don't always get around to checking the mail for new registrations, but we're doing our best!
A! Elin velui, dîn dolog, aduial lúthad!
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