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Tarnin Austa 2010 photo diary

Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:09 pm
by Eruannlass
Suilad, my fellow shipmates ~

I just wanted to make a post calling attention to the new section in the gallery ~ Imbar's Beauty.  If you have created images (pictures, paintings, etc...) that fit the album's description, you are welcome to post them there!  :)  I added the pictures mentioned in the subject line ~ the 'maiden voyage,' if you will.  If you want to do something similar, I found out that in to have chronological order, you have to upload the pictures in reverse of the order you want them to be displayed in. 

Just thought I'd let everyone know that this new folder has been added to the gallery.  The icon's a little big at present, but that will be corrected soon.