General IV Meditation Format

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General IV Meditation Format

Post by Ellenar » Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:12 am

Prior to beginning, it would greatly enhance the experience if you reflect upon those elements from the Tolkien lore, relevant to the type of encounter you wish to have...

Take up a comfortable position.  Take several deep, calming, centering breaths.  Feel your body and mind relaxing.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift into a tranced, or meditative state. 

See yourself sitting upon the green mound Ezellôchâr, bathe in the blended radiance of the Two Trees.  The elder tree, Telperion, stands upon your left.  It shines with a silvery-white light.  The tree is clothed in dark-green leaves, and white blossoms.  The younger tree, Laurelin, stands upon your right.  It shines with a golden-green light.  The tree is clothed in bright-green leaves, and dangling yellow flowers. Experience the blended light of the Two Trees, allow it to wash over you.

The mound of the Trees is the point of origin from which you will begin and end your inner journey. At this time you will now define your intention, your purpose for entering the meditative state.  For instance, if your desire is to connect with the Vala Oromë, your intention would be defined as follows: “I seek to commune with the Vala Oromë.”

Once your intention has been defined, you see a path which begins at the foot of Ezellôchâr, and extends off into the distance.  This path will lead you to your encounter.  Descend the mound and travel the roadway.  When you are ready to return, retrace your steps from the path to the green mound of the Trees.  Once you are reseated among them, you may end the journey. 

Record your impressions for further reflection.

Ezellôchâr: "the Green Mound", incorporating a Valarin word for "green" that is not given as such, but was adopted into Vanyarin Quenya as ezel, ezella (WJ:399). Adapted to Quenya as Ezellohar.
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