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Post by Lúthien » Thu Dec 03, 2009 10:48 pm

Meneg suilaid a phain in cheryn!
Greetings to all those who sail with us!

There have been some changes in the forum staff (Captain and Officers) that have not yet become visible on the forum yet.

We've all been busy in one way or another, or even more than one way.  So, now is a good time to explain what we've been talking about, to hoist the anchor and set sail once more :)

The most significant decision has been made by Dave  / Meneldur Olvarion. A couple of weeks ago he reached the conclusion that the role of Captain wasn't working for him. He asked me whether I would be willing to take over the daily business of "admin-ing" the forum which I accepted. In the weeks between then and now we have been thinking what would be best for IV as a whole *and* for the individual members.

One thing that needed considering was the current officer structure. The situation as it was did not completely mirror the current level of involvement any longer, therefore some shifts will become apparent over the coming days.

Until now, it was so that the members who had been present from the onset - "Plank Holders" in a nautical term - were the original group of Officers. The problem there is that people are not static entities: their involvement and interests may shift over time.  Therefore, we decided to decouple these things, and create a honorific role named "Plank Holder" which means "has been a member since day 1" ... think of something like "veteran member" or what have you. Plank Holder is, however, no longer necessary an officer role.

This leaves us with four staff members / officers: Dave, Dineen, Eruannlass and myself. I am fairly certain that somewhere in the email that has been flying between us we have figured out how to assign the roles to each of us, but we'll have to sift through that in the coming days. Our plans are, so far, a couple of relatively minor changes in the forum structure - we really haven't had much time due to aforementioned Ardian Business(es) but I am confident that we'll pick up speed as we move along. There are enough good ideas, and we are always open to hearing from other members.

And as far as something as "leadership style" goes: Dave did choose me as his successor because in matters concerning IV we think alike in a lot of ways, like keeping the whole thing "Legendarium-centered" - as opposed to "creating a Legendarium-flavored version of "; and the accent on gnosis as the Bonny Road to the shores of Faerie - or however you want to label it.  We will be open to individual differences as before, as long as it fits within this framework. We have members that come from different traditions, varying from Christianity to Paganism (or "nothing at all" in my case) and that is only enriching; but it mustn't be so that these "inheritances" overshadow our core matters.

I have not really been that active on the forum myself, so I think it is good to tell a bit about my longer-range ideas. I have been (and am still) talking to Stephan Hoeller and Lance Owens of which was not only very enjoyable, but also helped me put my own (IV) experiences in a wider context. I think that we in IV can really benefit by looking at the experiences and writings of people like C.G. Jung and many others - I have a very strong feeling that those, far more than groups like E.R., are our natural allies. And who knows, the same may go the other way. I cannot really overstate my joy and surprise when I found real, honest interest from them in what I considered my own "first clumsy steps in Faerie". I really feel honored by that.

For us, the portal (by lack of a better word) to the Imaginal Realm is the Legendarium-based one. And I do not think that that would ever change for me - because of the intensity of my feelings and experiences within that framework - but it may be very good to learn how others, using other portals, have travelled. The context may differ, but I think the ultimate goal is the same.

Another thing that I hope we can attain is to create our own methods ie. rituals and the like, that are really based on the Legendarium itself.

And there is also, of course, the matter of "Quendi-centered" versus "Edain-centered". I think that that's pretty simple - as both the Quendi as the Edain are the Children of Ilúvatar, both perspectives are equally welcome in IV. It's a matter of personal preference or what other connectedness you may have. We are thinking of making this more apparent in the structure of IV in the near future.

We're a small place. That has always been a concern. The more I know about all this, talk to people; the more I become convinced that this is probably not going to change a great deal. This is not because what we do is so unappealing, but it is so because there just aren't that many people who *can*. I've come to understand that "the gift to travel to Faerie" (or however you want to name it - I happen to like this Smith of Wootton-Major wording :) ) is handed out pretty seldom. We should cherish it, and above all, use it well. Use well our days!

Right, that's enough speeching for now :D
Bedtime for me!

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A! Elin velui, dîn dolog, aduial lúthad!


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