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Intro: On Experience

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:50 pm
by Rafi
I saw the greeting below; thanks. Finally have time do my introduction to y'all.

I've been a spiritual explorer for awhile. Have read (and own) 100's of books, both academic & popular, on the ancient Egyptians, the Gnostics, the history of western esotericism, the occult, kabbalah, Hermeticism, Jung, etc. The usual countercultural stuff. Plus I've also read detailed scholarly histories of early Christianity, the Ecumenical Councils, the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church and those of the Eastern Orthodox church, the writings of the Christian mystics both east & west, etc. Not all of that is propaganda. ;)
Nor am I merely some pretty brain. I've had intense mystical and gnostic experiences for decades, thereby able to speak on these subjects directly. The most intense w/o but a few w/ psychedelics. Whatever the source or trigger, it takes effort to live out the experiences and to develop the vocabulary to make them comprehensible to others. Look at reviews by readers on sites like Amazon. Often the comments regarding books on some aspect of Gnosticism are from people wanting to know how to get there. I've heard similar at conferences on mysticism. Meaning that there is a hunger for more that traditional religion doesn't fill and alternatives, while perhaps pointing at more, aren't enough, either. We who've had these encounters w/ high weirdness know, but so what if that doesn't help anyone else. Well, I'm also a former mechanic. Thus able to think in terms of practical applications-- like how-to's. I've contemplated intensely for the last 10 years on figuring out useful do-it-yourself spiritual diagrams and instructions. Stay tuned for the results. :hmm:

Re: Intro: On Experience

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:49 pm
by Taurandir
I'm sold! Where can I download the manual?