Physics and the Secret Book of John

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Physics and the Secret Book of John

Post by Blazetheways » Tue May 23, 2017 6:08 pm

Here's part of the secret book of john along with some notes that I added.

"The One rules all. Nothing has authority over it.
It is the God.
It is Father of everything,
Holy One
The invisible one over everything.
It is uncontaminated
Pure light no eye can bear to look within."

The One is the source of all creation. It is infinite potential, which the Hindu's called Brahman. It is the Monad.

"His self-aware thought (ennoia) came into being.
Appearing to him in the effulgence of his light.
She stood before him.
This, then, is the first of the powers, prior to everything.
Arising out of the mind of the Father
The Providence (pronoia) of everything.
Her light reflects His light.
She is from His image in His light
Perfect in power
Image of the invisible perfect Virgin Spirit.
She is the initial power
glory of Barbelo
glorious among the realms
glory of revelation"

From the One came Barbelo, or space. The Dyad. Two overlapping circles which can be thought of as a torus, containing all of creation.
Then Barbelo asked the One for certain qualities.

"The First Man who is
The Image of the Invisible Spirit who is
Providence who is
Barbelo who is
Foreknowledge - Incorruptibility - Life Everlasting - Truth
[These are an androgynous fivefold realm - therefore it is a realm of ten - of the Father.]"

In total there are 10. Like in pythaogreanism from the dyad came numbers. These are the 10 dimensions of space in string theory, which is different from spacetime. Even barbarians used 10 numbers to count, it is because it is in our nature to count using the 10 aeons of Barbelo.

"The Father looked into Barbelo
[into the pure light surrounding the Invisible Spirit]
Barbelo conceived and bore a spark of light
Who had blessedness similar to, but not equal to, her blessedness,
Who was the only child of that mother–father
The only offspring,
The only begotten child of the pure light, the Father."

That is Christ, the son. It is the point. The intersection of two overlapping circles like the vesica pisces. This is time.

"Everlasting Life and Will,
Mind, and Foreknowledge
Stood together.
They glorified the Invisible Spirit and Barbelo.
Because of Her they had come into being."
These four aeons are the four dimensions of time. In Pythagoreanism this is the line, the plane surface, solid surface, and sensible body.
"From the incorruptibility,
Through a gift of the spirit
The Four Lights arising from the divine autogenes stood before him.
[The four fundamental powers are Understanding, Grace, Perception, and Consideration.]"

From incorruptibility and Christ came the four fundamental forces. Which is from one of the sets of dimensions of space and from time.
From the four powers came 12 aeons, in sets of 3.

"Twelve realms stand before the Son of the Powerful
The autogenes
The Christ
Through the intention
And the grace
Of the Invisible Spirit
Twelve realms belong to the Son of the autogenes."

These are the fermions, in sets of 3 such as electrons and neutrinos.

So this is a work in progress, but I believe that actual scientific knowledge of the creation of the Universe is contained within the secret book of John. The Aeons can be thought of as quantum fields which are alive in some sense.
I suspect that Christ being time was what sparked the big bang and he is a point or black hole at the center of the universe. With the theory of inflation(the 10 dimensions of space being the inflaton fields) there should be multiple universes that grew with ours. I believe those universes are black holes. He is called autogenes because he autogenerated a multitude of beings which are the black holes/universes that followed. When we dream we enter our own universe or mind where we can create at will(thus lucid dreaming), but because of our current state we often have regular dreams and nightmares.

So in Summary:
From infinite potential came space, which folded into 10 dimensions. From space and infinite potential came time which produced multiple universes/black holes, and then projected into four dimensions. Space and time became spacetime through the 4 fundamental forces. These are the 4 dimensions of spacetime where 4 dimensions of space and 4 dimensions of time and intermingled and the rest are just dimensions of space. The 4 boson fields(fundamental forces) seperated into 4 sets of 3 fermion fields.

Like I said a work in progress, but somehow I think it will all fit together. I just think it's interesting that the scroll literally says "four fundamental powers" which seems like four fundamental forces which is where I got the idea from. Also what else could aeons be, but quantum fields, how else could they be these powerful godlike beings unless they are literally a part of the fabric of the universe itself?

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Re: Physics and the Secret Book of John

Post by Lúthien » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:31 pm

Hey, thanks for posting this. I'll read through it this weekend (and comment).
A! Elin velui, dîn dolog, aduial lúthad!

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Re: Physics and the Secret Book of John

Post by Pinealight » Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:43 pm

My goodness. This is the first time I have seen someone else tackling this issue from the Apocryphon of John. May I offer some help perhaps without sounding like a bloody know it all? Your synopsis is much more like the actual revelation of the apocryphon than anyone I have encountered so far. You know the monad is zero-dimensional, like a seed. Infinite space is also zero dimensional since it has no measure, being infinite. No measure = zero dimension = monad. So, monad and infinite space are the same. They are like two extremes of the same issue in comparison. But God is all there is, hence, God can only compare himself to himself. He is the seed giving father. That seed is the Demiurge, known as Yaldabaoth, the divine child of Pistis Sophia. She is the clay (Energy - the ocean of chaos) that makes bricks (Atomic kingdom) that makes pyramids, made of minerals (Mineral kingdom), which are capped with a single stone (life as vegetable and animal kingdoms) to become diamonds in a field fo clay (The light of the human being - Yaldabaoth). Yaldabaoth is the diamond of the clay of Pistis Sophia.
Her womb is infinite space (first aeon) filled with the waters of chaos (unlimited and having no measure means the waters are chaotic and undefined) as the waters of her womb in which "every type of divinity sprouted up" as material that generates galaxies, stars, planets, creatures and brains where the demiurge is born in the "house of bread." He is androgynous, but a son in the sense of being born from the body phallus and hence is referred to as a son, the divine son whose body is white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose. Noah is another of his names, as "Son of God" also. White literally, since Yaldabaoth looks like a cloud, and red since Yaldabaoth's light leaks out of his body as 32 laser-like beams of light. Comparing his body to that of a lamb, it is said that the lamb is slain. His symbolic colour is then red. He is white and red, as water and wine. He is the Hindu Brahma, (Brahman in the Bhagavad Gita) the four faced God and creator of the universes material forms. He is the seed of creation that grows the plant of creation that grows the original seed again as its culmination in the creature known as human, at the wisdom centre of the human house of bread, the head. He is the flower and the seed shown in the sanctuary of Osiris as the four sons of Horus. he is also YHVH, the four letter name of Gods creative issue - the seed of creation.
I hope you get what I'm saying. Let me know if it fits what you expected? There is more, obviously. Here he is (Yaldabaoth):
1 the light.jpg
1 Gods cloud alone 1.jpg

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