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Expressing: Gnosis Through Stories

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:18 pm
by mrpasserby
What is lore: a bunch of stories that are filtered through time, mind, emaginations, superstitions, self gratification inclinations, etc...
It helps my Gnosis to at least get a fresh perspective on some of these stories, 'they could turn into lore some day', 'Just sayn'. :-#

Re: Gnosis Through Stories

Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:36 pm
by mrpasserby
All of my comments are based on the imagined reflections of real spirit world circumstances.

Spirit Quest/Journeying: Growing in Gnosis by learning more about the #gods
At the start of this quest I read/focused my way through the written London spell in one of Gordon White's books called Chaos Magic. The spell worked to put me in touch with the genius loci of London. I began working within the feelings coming from the genius loci of London as I continued to sniff around for awhile, finally I got/felt redirected to checkout Lancashire. I looked around on some blogs and I found a post in a blog flickering lamps, about the Lancashire witches graves. I followed up on that lead and while I was doing some research in the posted information, I found a English blog called Signposts in the Mist. This blog had a post called the Wild Hunt feathered in it. Reading the version of the Wild Hunt featured in Signposts in the Mist, gave me pause because the posted information about this Wild Hunt, was a different version of the Wild Hunt then I had ever read before, featured in it was a #god called ‘Gwyn ap Nudd’, I was only aware of (the Norse version of the Wild Hunt that featured the #god called Oden). I started pen palling with some of the people on the blog Signposts in the Mist and a connected forum, about my experiences while spirit questing. I decided to share this information because one of my spirit quests had been similar to the ‘Gwyn ap Nudd’ version of the Wild Hunt, that Signposts in the Mist was promoting and the similarities between the two was weirding me out :o ). To add the the synchronicity after a time, I found out that the same people that I was posting around with were connected by ancestry, religion and worship to the Lancashire witches that I had just been researching (who knew!). I kept posting with the people at Signposts in the Mist, until I got contacted by some of the spirits from Lancashire who wanted me to find their long lost leader, the #god called ‘Gwyn ap Nudd’, who in the English/Britain Mythos is considered a #god and leader of the Wild Hunt and in some scenarios he is the leader instead of Oden). After a lot of digging I found out that their were Celts, Britons and barbarians, who apparently painted their *faces blue, and were running around England in ancient days. So the blue faced English spirits that were visiting me made more sense. At this point I thought to myself: 'Whow! This spirit quest is really getting somewhere.'
But then, I did hit a snag, it became apparent, causing me to be embarrassed that these blue faced English/Britain spirits, ‘all seeming to be in stressed out mode’, were not going to find their beloved leader, even thow I thought that I knew exactly where their Leader/#god had gone to. I wanted to tell them the facts but after all the discomfort that they had apparently been through over the decades, I did not want to destroy their last hope of them reconnecting with him, by telling them that in my opinion their beloved leader had achieved a higher state of Gnosis which, must have lead him to a higher path. I also didn't want to tell them that (###I could discern/diagnosis) that their spirits ‘in their current condition’ were not going to be able to achieve that higher path, and so In my opinion “Gwyn ap Nudd/Oden”, in all appearances had achieved the Gnosis ‘not to ever be worshiping any’ and knowing this he was able to move on while they ‘the worshipers/followers of his myth/archetype’ had been left behind in a state of discomfort because of the lose of him.
To me this story helps to clarify the Gnosis of not worshiping the Idea/ archetype/mythos of anyone who are themselves moving along the paths through Gnosis. Once anyone has achieved Gnosis and found the higher paths who can Blame them for moving on.
The End
#‘the worshipers of a person's mythos/archetype’ are calling the person a god.
## Wild Hunt: Others, practitioners of various forms of magic, joined in it voluntarily, as an intangible part of them (a “soul,” if you like) flew with the cavalcade while their bodies lay in their beds as if sleeping normally.
Flickering Lamps:
Signposts in the mist:
Signposts in the mist related forum:
###Besides Spirit Questing, I am trained to do spirit repair-not to be confused with exorcism.

*A note: it is strange that I found so little on celts/britians/barbarians with blue painted faces:
Norse mythology for smart people: