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Our Isilnarie mandalas...

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Our Isilnarie mandalas...

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This is my attempt to see if I can get Photbucket uploads to work.  I don't know why the sizes are different...I finally got them into the post, so I'm not going to monkey with it further...
My mandala was based on things I saw in meditation, and began as a shield composed of the protective powers of earth - the greens and browns in the center, around the gold and silver center star.  The outer stars and surrounding parts became representations of the Valar.  Starting in the bottom right, going clockwise- yellow:Orome, light green:Vana.  The bluish grey around the violet is for Nienna.  The black and silvered grey across from each other are for Namo and Vaire.  The blue inside the grey are for Irmo and Este.  The white across from the sapphire blue are for Varda and Manwe.  The green surrounding the fire-colors are for Yavanna and Aule.  The brown surrounding the wine color are for Nessa and Tulkas(color of the wine he gave me).  The blue inside of the sea-green are for Ulmo. ... andala.jpg

Rowan was just tired of all the grey, overcast days we'd been having.  His shows the colors you see at dawn, dusk, and on days when the sun is shining. ... andala.jpg

I Aear cân ven na mar ~ 'The Sea calls us Home.'

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves we find in the sea
~ e e cummings
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