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Wizards, Rings, Elves and Things

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Wizards, Rings, Elves and Things

Post by Tharkûn »

Anyone have any of these? Or seen them before? Artist is Stephen Hickman. I was lucky enough to find all five prints at my local bookshop a few years back. Originals made in 1976.
The from left to right, top to bottom:
.Battle Before The Gate
.The Dread Vale
.The Citadel At Sunrise
.The Invisible Thief (seen twice)
.The Watcher At The Gate
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Re: Wizards, Rings, Elves and Things

Post by Eruannlass »

I'm pretty sure that I've seen 'The Invisible Thief' before, somewhere on the internet, but the art books themselves are few and far between where I live. And it's pretty much a rule that if I find any of them, particularly that are out of print, I'll snatch them up. One that I recommend for anyone is 'J.R.R. Tolkien ~ Artist and Illustrator ', published in 1995. If you're a map reader, 'The Atlas of Middle~earth' is also interesting. ... 0618083618" onclick=";return false; ... 0618126996" onclick=";return false;

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