Call Of The Shipwright

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion
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Call Of The Shipwright

Post by Ellenar »

A song of lament,
melodies that stir the heart to longing for the Elder Days,
when light shone through leaf and bough,
beneath the gloom of starlit skies,
flowing brightly through mountain streams,
shining in lakes of liquid-fire,
cast aloft within the firmament,
illuminating paths concealed in shadow.

Sorrow so great,
for Light has vanished,
darkness covers all the world.

Behold, a song of hope,
music which stirs the soul to waken.
For Light is not vanquished,
the days of glory are not lost,
it lives within the flesh and blood of the Children of Eru.
As stars they do shine,
amid the blackness of Arda.

O hear ye Valar, the stirring of souls from slumber,
beyond the shrouding, obscuring mists,
across the crashing waves of distant seas?

Light returns,
hope is rekindled!

Hear now the unfolding of the next Great Theme.

"The time of Moonsheen has passed. The noontide of the dominion of Men is waning. Soon will come the era of Starshine. And the ages will partake of both; the grace of Moonsheen and the glory of the Days of the Sun" -Mormeril
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