Ascent - A Poem

Poetical expressions of facets of the spirit of Ilsaluntë Valion
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Ascent - A Poem

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This my daughter did write and I just thought that I would share it with you all. :D


An unseen Presence beyond understanding
The Light behind darkness of Invisibility
Its Approach the Draw to which all must respond
At which Time itself
Like the heart’s beating would appear
Ever more increasing rapidity
The Quantum meted out,
The Balance, the Pinnacle
Where the Two shall become in infinity One
Begotten in the fires of Consummation
Under the Sun a New Thing –
That Created shall carry His Reflection
The enduring image of the Bearer of Perfection
In the Season of Revealing,
The White Heat of fruition
The Lily of the Field, with Wings outspread –
A Prince greater than Solomon release is desiring
The Bringer of Equity having no equal
The Counselor, Peacemaker
The One Absolute
The Healer, Perfecter of all
His raiment a Fabric of Living Jewels –
An intricate Beauty His measureless train
The Fractal hues of creation’s expanse
Chosen to show forth the Performer’s essence

Purest Love embodied in full
His desire, the need of His heart made whole
No more to be broken
Death cannot destroy –
Only begin Anew
Dying once Love cannot twice be killed
Sure as He draws Breath
The Hope at one Time deferred,
As the Tree Ever-Living in bloom –
By His Youth – Time without –
Shall be fulfilled
The Summation is coming
Which cannot be measured
Cannot be confined
By Common name nor Common image
Whose power of Life outside
The womb of Earth does reside
The Name is Wonderful – beyond the Dust –
Beyond the shadow Mirror of our understanding
-- Immanuel –
The Judge Adonai,
The Support, the Restorer of Eden
The swift Faithful Executor no more shall delay
This Living Death cannot prevail
That Old Order recurrent shall be dispelled
The Laws of Creation can only work to the Contrary –
The Author of Life incensed,

From its foundation shall fall that Temple of mockery
The work of the One Imposing cannot be borne
Such grave provocation cannot go without Answer
Its strange attar before the seat of Grace has risen
The blighted Rod is in full Flower!
Too grievous the load exacted –
He who holds the Key has spoken
No more the Gilded Prison can hold
Be they Iron or Brazen,
Silver or Gold
Every Bar shall be shattered
Every Shackle Broken
At the Call of His lips,
The mere Breath of His word
Like a sweet Perfume,
A Lover’s kiss unto those who so yearn –
The beat of His heart they feel within
The warmth of His Life as a fire does burn
At His Voice every thing made must give way
The Gates of Life and of Sheol shall open
At His Presence
Darkness’ icy hold straightway is loosened
Death forever buried, the Destroyer consumed
Night becomes Day, decay flees away
No longer choice
No place to turn
All Fruits become known

The Pattern made clear
The One Crowned does return
To take back His own
The Apex of Time
Its Catalyst sublime
Certain as the bright Star of Day draws near
Shall every tear then disappear
Bathed in the healing of Absolution
For Beloved ones Accused, assured Resolution
All gifts of that Beauty which by Stain has been hidden
Every Eden withdrawn –
All Paradise forbidden
The Garden Inclosed be restored –
The Fountain is Sealed
Until the one for whom ‘tis reserved be Revealed
Under long Winter’s Veil of white kept aside
Bound fast in Sleep – yet never Forsaken
At firm-fixed Moment it shall revive
When Love so desires
It shall Awaken,
The Bridegroom arrive!

by Adrielle Rebekah Yoder – January 2014
All Rights Reserved
“Before the beginning there was only one consciousness, that of The Eternal One whose nature cannot be expressed in words.…..and we in our simplicity call it God.”
The Kolbrin Bible THE BOOK OF CREATION Chapter 1
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