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What do you believe about Eru Iluvatar?

He is the same as Yahweh the Abrahamic God
He is not the same as Yahweh
Total votes: 5
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Eru Iluvatar poll

Post by Lomelindo »

I’m creating this poll about how many people believe that Eru is the Christian God. Looking at the Old Testament the actions of Yahweh are more consistent with Melkor/Morgoth especially in light of the account in Morgoths Ring of the Mannish fall where Melkor appeared among men as God and taught them to make blood sacrifices (like the Semites) as King of Kings.
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Re: Eru Iluvatar poll

Post by Meneldur Olvarion »

I agree that Eru certainly doesn't act the same as YHWH. I have had the idea for some time that the ancient Jews were certainly picking up something, but whether it was always the creator God seems a bit doubtful to me.

{No antisemitism intended by this remark.}
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