and now for something completely different

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and now for something completely different

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This is quite unrelated, but I want to test Soundcloud embedding. Also, I was trying to analyse a tune and recreate it in Logic Pro: in English it's known as the "Beer Barrel Polka", but this version is from a German vocal trio, a bit similar to the Comedian Harmonists.
It's basically an exercise in orchestration ... I do like how the whole thing comes together.

It's also humbling realising how complex pre-rock age popular music actually was. I've got nothing against rock music - I love it; but I can't help getting the feeling that things have been, let's say, much been simplified since that became mainstream popular music after the jazz & big band age - something in the order of how a Rembrandt painting compares to those comic books they sell in the supermarkt checkout line :)

PS the last minute's not done yet, so that's intentional. The mix and balance isn't ready, either.
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