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Welcome on the Silver Ship of the Valar!

This is the discussion forum of Ilsaluntë Valion and Tië eldaliéva: two historically related groups of people interested in the deeper philosophical, spiritual and imaginative backgrounds of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.

The differences in a nutshell: Tië eldaliéva is more Pagan-oriented and has an official status as a non-profit organisation, Ilsaluntë Valion is more Gnostic-oriented, and less publicly visible. They have a shared origin that goes back to 2006.

Only a small part of the forum is publicly visible. If you like to know more, we encourage you to either:
  • register as a member of Tië eldaliéva: find out more on their Facebook page. You can also check out elvenspirituality.com to learn more;
  • or create an account on the Ilsaluntë Valion forum here

Both will grant access to this forum, though there are some dedicated areas for either group.
A! Elin velui, dîn dolog, aduial lúthad!
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